Convert any currency to an allowed PayPal currency

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This is  a plug in made for WordPress and it extends WooCoomerce's PayPal payment gateway.
It enables you to use PayPal's payment gateway with non supported currencies while converting your shop's currency into one of PayPal's supported currencies. 
PayPal Currency Converter PRO for WooCommerce installs like any WordPress plugin.
Download the plugin and then import it into WordPress with "add new".
Activiate it and you are done with installation.

Once installed you find a new menu entry in the WooCoomerce main menu

menu location

The settings page looks like this:
PayPal Currency Converter Pro settings page
PayPal Currency Converter Pro settings page
PayPal Currency Converter Pro settings page

Plugin Activation

On activation the predefined target currency USD is set and the current currency exchange rate was retrieved from YAHOO Finance. Depending on your WooCommerce Shop currency settings it will show you different information. If you choose to have a 5 digit currency exchange rate accuracy you might want to opt for Open Exchange Rate API, or for European Central Bank's exchangerates. But make sure that your shop currency is provided by any of these alternative sources.
Initial settings

Open Exchange Rates API

If you opt for Open Exchange Rates you may follow the link given next to the text field. Look out for the
"Forever Free" plan (hourly updates, 1000 requests/month - no HTTPS, email support or advanced features) which is more than sufficient.


By default the "Auto-complete" option is checked. This will automatically complete orders for virtual products. To disable this simply uncheck and save. The activity of this will be recorded in your order notes were you can see the converted total amount that was billed for PayPal's payment gateway.
Virtual Order auto completion notes:
order complete notes

Processing orders for non virtual products.
order complete notes


Sheduled update

For automatic updates kicking in gear you need to get a suitable cron job WordPress plugin (such as "WPCrontrol") or you have to call the given URL from your servers cron job settings, or you opt in for a free cron job service.
With "WPcrontrol" you need to register "ppcc_cexr_update" as the hook to be called.

For cron job service you just need to call the given AJAX URL. This URL can also be used to check if automatic updates are working for your set up. Call this URl and then check the last update time in the settings page (while refreshing it) or check your mail box when logging is enabled. You will receive an email sent to the WordPress admin email with the following content: (example)

Exchangerate was updated by schedule at 2013-12-06 01:03:30 - Retrival no.:152 - Exchangerate=0.00094KRW/USD


Logging is enabled by default an it will logg the actions of the plugin into the indicated log file.
If you feel like inspecting the log file frequently you might enable read access for the WordPress script on that folder on your webserver. For this to work add: "Allow from <your servers IP>" to the .htaccess file inside "../plugins/woocommerce/logs/". Just check the settings page to find your servers IP.


If "Sheduled update" is disabled you will see a warning once the currency exchange rate differs from the saved one and the rate itself will be written in red. The retrieval counter indicates the number of performed currency updates.

check your curency exchange rate

Once the Plugin is activated and set you need to also enable PayPal payment gateway in the gateway section of WooCommerce. You may want to check  "Enable PayPal sandbox"  to test the payment procedure first.
If you wat to do a complete payment test you need to registere a PayPal developer account, however you can skip this step if you only want to see if the plugin works as expected.

You can set the PayPal Description in such a way to show the conversion rate in the payment description.

Simply add "{}" into the description at your desired place and it will be replaced by the current conversion rate and currency pairing:

Example Description:
<img id="logo" alt="Intelligent IT" src="">Thank you for choosing Intelligent IT  for your IT needs</img>.
Pay via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don&#039;t have a PayPal account.
<strong>The order total will be converted from KRW into USD with the current exchange rate of {0.0971USD/ZAR}</strong>

Checkout page

Since version 1.6 you may use span tags with specific ids to pull the total, the tax, and the conversion rate inside a supported payment gateway description.

Example Description:

Order Total <strong> <span id="ppcc_total" ></span> (Includes <span id="ppcc_tax"></span> Tax)</strong> (Currency conversion rate = <span id="ppcc_cr"></span>)

This will appear as shown here:


Once you place the order with PayPal payment you should see the converted order total on PayPal's pay page:

PayPal pay page

Version 1.0 (07/12/2013)

I like to improve this plugin wherever I can and appreciate your feedback.

To your success

Heinrich Krupp,

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